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Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:47 pm
by ArtyLoop
Hi there
I noticed this website and forum is still running. However the site and the forum is dead as in no participants.
Which is kind of sad really because now that I am an artist its ironic isn't it. Back in the day all I knew was anime.

So a question, what happened to all the original site owners. There was a guy I knew as Lee that used to (and according to the WHOIS) still owns this domain?

Sure would like to get in touch with them again.

I suppose that DeviantArt has rendered forums such as these a bit redundant?

At this time, most of my manga and art I do is done in a Telegram group. I just suddenly remembered this place today after forgetting for weeks to check it out.

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Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:00 pm
by Laevatein
Welcome ArtyLoop!

Indeed, the forum is rather forlorn now as social media has all but diminished the popularity of most of the smaller forums on the web. It's a pity because there was a strong sense of community locally during those earlier days. Great that you took the time to register; also that you're now an artist. I imagine you can't easily share a link to your artwork on a Telegram group, but if you're interested in sharing you're welcome to attach any of it to a post, or posts, on the forum.

Also, I'm Lee — just under a different pseudonym now. 8-)

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Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:51 am
by ArtyLoop
Hey Lee... long time no hear... Still living up in Durbs? Sheesh I think we used to chat on Skype, like 13 years ago.

I used to be that dude in Joburg involved with anime magazines and infamous anime organizations (Blackblade)
Much older now, calmed down, and have family with kids. Also moved away from Joburg eventually, now resident in the art hub of SA (Cape Town).

In terms of art, social media, especially, I find abhorrent and full of cringe. I especially dislike Pinterest as its not justifiably an art site of any repute.
Nonetheless I post my art primarily to InkBunny and Deviantart, the former is because I am what they call a "furry". Same drama as before, just now we don't fight about anime, we fight about fursuits and people's attitudes. Well not really :lol: I am in it just for the art, really.

When I am not doing furry art, I spend my free time with manga. I only recently tried my hand at the format with Sonic The Hedgehog, which surprised me because people really liked it, even though its far from complete.

I will begin to post art ASAP, I noticed that there's lots of new anime, and I want to draw Sakura Kinomoto this weekend.

Tools of the Trade:

* Art boards (BCEMylar - when I can afford to bring them in from the US, otherwise DALER-ROWNEY boards)
* Derwent Pencils
* Wacom INTUOS
* PaintTool SAI
* Corel Draw X5
* Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
* Adobe Illustrator

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Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:43 pm
by Laevatein
It's always good to hear from an older member of the community again. You'll need to forgive my ignorance though as I knew a couple of people involved with magazines in Johannesburg, were you involved with Anime no Shinjidai or Otaku Magazine?

I see there's a comic convention FanCon taking place in Cape Town next weekend 28-29 April 2018, are you planning on attending? That and the official Comic Con Africa taking place on 14-16 September 2018 in Johannesburg. While social media has its downsides one can hope it has at least contributed to these opportunities for local enthusiasts to now experience more of the international, albeit Western, comic culture in person.

Also, great that you're working with both traditional and digital mediums. You're welcome to share a link to your DeviantArt page.

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Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:28 pm
by ArtyLoop
Yup its me, the dude with Anime no Shinjidai.

Yeah I wanted to attend FanCon but we have to fly up to JHB for family matters, but for ComicCon in September I will be attending

Sure thing, here's my links:

As for your signature... the new FMP Invisible Victory was released today (horriblesubs,info XD)- busy with download as I type this.
Also I see every legendary anime is getting a re-make... Card Captor Sakura - Clear Card is also an example.

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Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 4:35 pm
by Laevatein
That magazine was of considerable quality from what I can remember, you always had a creative talent so I'm glad that you're expanding upon it. I took a look at your work at both the links too; impressive clean lines and style. Well done and keep at it. How long have you been drawing/illustrating for now?

Indeed, the second episode (or the first if you consider last weeks as a pilot) aired today in Japan. It's a fan favourite and has been well received so far from what I'm reading around the web. Aside from some obvious CGI scenes I feel XEBEC has done an outstanding job. Enjoy watching it!