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Post by Indy » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:16 pm

Hello! My name is Indy and I currently live in the UK. I am studying for a masters in physics :ugeek: at Lancaster University and should graduate July this year. With a little luck and effort I should be continuing on to a Ph.D. in Vancouver next academic year - though I'll see what happens I guess. I think a Ph.D. is on the horizon regardless.

One of my joys is film. I love it. Film to me is an escape of the mind and a rare chance to submerge yourself in another world. Another joy I have is writing. I have all the will to write a full-on novel, just not the time! Shock! :lol:

I'm easy-going so feel free to message me about anything and whatnot. I should be working now, so see you around ;)

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Re: Aloha!

Post by Laevatein » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:48 pm

Welcome Indy, glad to have you join us again and thanks for sharing more about what you're doing with yourself now! I hope all goes well with your graduation and further studies towards your PhD. Don't be shy to share any of your writing snippets in the Creative Writing / Fan Fiction forum! :geek:
Feel free to Private Message or Email me for assistance at any time.
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